About Me

“Music was for a long long time my precious treasure, which I loved and enjoyed privately.  

For good or for bad, I am not that kind of artist that started as a kid and grew up being an artist. 

I am daughter of a flamenco singer, who grew listening, seeing and following flamenco LIVE in silent.

Some people say I sing flamenco in a different and very sensitive way. 

Since the moment I sang for the very first time flamenco on the stage I knew, that is where I want to stay and that is what I was born for.

My only wish when singing: touching your heart with my voice."

Born on July 8, 1975, in Jerez de la Frontera, Mónica is known for her laína voice.  Her father "Chiriva del Valle" was a flamenco singer for over 35 years and got several first places on national flamenco festivals as well as various LP's.

Some of her teachers: Ezequiel Benitez from Jerez, María José Pérez from Almería and the world wide known Chistina Heeren Flamenco Fundation in Sevilla.